Looking back at DIYR 2021:

DIYR 2021, The dream of every young rower!

In July 2021 we could finally start the first edition of the Dutch International Youth Regatta (DIYR). The race of their dreams for every young rower.

Dutch, Belgian and Irish rowers started in this first edition of the DIYR. Next to winning the race at the DIYR some rowers could also earn a ticket to the Coupe de la Jeunesse, the unofficial European Championship for junior rowers, that was held from 6-8 August in Linz, Austria.

We organized a mix of time-trials, head to head 2 kilometer races and broken 2 kilometer races for 722 registered rowers. Parents and other fans had to follow the races online. Unfortunately, the Covid19-rules did not allow their physical presence. However, the livestream that was featured by Boyd Welsink and his team managed to give a very lively report and made sure everyone at home got engaged.


For the younger and the less experienced rowers, we introduced a complete new race concept at the DIYR: the broken 2-kilometer. This is a head to head race with a maximum of 6 crews. The race is built up from two parts. First, there is a race over 1000 meters. After the finish the rowers have 500 meters to row at a relaxed pace and recover. Then, they have to get ready for another start for a 500 meter race. The crew that has the fastest time over the two races combined wins. 

7722 participants

Thanks to the 296 girls and 426 boys that started, the volunteers and the beautiful weather the DIYR 2021 was a great success.

The DIYR is a race for all junior rowers, this can be their first step towards realizing their olympic dream.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the DIYR 2022!

The DIYR-team

Livestream Saturday

3JULY 2021

Livestream Sunday

4 JULY 2021