How does the broken 2k work?

The DIYR introduces a new race concept for all young and less experienced rowers: “the broken 2-kilometer”

How does the broken 2k work?

  • The race consists of two parts: 1000m and 500m
  • The start of the 1000 m race is at the normal (for a standard 2k race) start of the Bosbaan
  • The end of the first part is at the 1000m. The rowers can rest and row in a relaxed pace to the 1500m.
  • At the 1500m there will be another starting procedure. There the rowers will be lined up making use of small bobbins (see picture 1).

In total the rowers will have raced over 2000m, however the race was ‘broken’ between the 1000-1500 meters.

Results and prices

The results from the two parts will be summed up for the final result.

The winner of each heat can go directly to the medal ceremony to receive their medal.

The overall winner of the field will get a cup. There will be a special ceremony for this at the end of the blocks.

114:00 Ceremony for handing out the cups Block1
15:30 Ceremony for handing out the cups Block2


14:00 Bekerceremonie Blok1
15:30 Bekerceremonie Blok2

This means that successful crews will go home with a medal and a cup!