Try Coastal!

New at the DIYR 2023: a coastal experience. Coastal rowing is exceptionally spectacular because you row on large lakes and the sea. Where rowers are normally not fans of waves, it is precisely the waves that make it so spectacular in coastal rowing. Click here for an impression.

Try coastal, sign up!!

This year, you can try coastal rowing yourself on both Saturday and Sunday during the breaks in our program at the DIYR. Do you row the fastest time of the day over a distance of 500m? Then you win a can and a compliment of your choice. And don’t worry, we’ll take care of the waves.

There is a limited number of registrations, so sign up through this form. The first person to sign up will be the first to participate.


You row in lane 0 along the start. From that moment, your time starts! After 200m, you reach the first buoy. There, you cross over to lane 7. You round the second buoy for the final stretch towards the finish. After that, you dock again at the dock where you boarded.

The coastal boats that are provided by: Ave boats, Lite Boat, KNZ&RV Muiden, Willem III en RV Naarden.

Foto: Thomas Disseldorp