An international regatta for junior rowers of all ages

Dutch International Youth Regatta - DIYR

The Dutch International Youth Regatta (DIYR) welcomes junior rowers from both domestic and international backgrounds, regardless of skill level or experience. As long as you are 22 years old or younger by December 31, 2024, everyone is eligible to participate!

There are two different formats, broken-2km for junior 12 and junior 14 competitors, 2000 meters for Junior 16 and junior 18 competitors and open heats for mixed crews.

Explore the available categories on this page and find all the information you need to join the DIYR!

Program of events

The schedule comprises 6 blocks each day, with a different format in each block.

  1. The provisional schedule determines the starting order of the events. Start times are approximate and subject to change.
  2. For a complete list of events, visit

Below are the explanations and regulations for each format and event.

Block 12000-meterqualifications
Block 2Broken2kHeats
Block 32000-meterFinals
Block 4Broken2kHeats
Block 52000-meterHeats
Block 62000-meterOpen heats

Block 1 & 3: 2000-meter Qualification – Finals

At the DIYR, race rowers participate in a 2000-meter international side-by-side race. Finals take place in block 3; if your race has a preliminary round, it occurs in block 1.

In the JM18 and JW18- events of block 3 Dutch rowers can qualify for the Dutch national equipe, the Coupe de la Jeunesse, and the World Rowing Junior Championships, so stiff competition is guaranteed!

Block 3Saturday
01JM18 4X
02JM18 4-
03JW18 8+
04JM18 1x
05JW18 2-
06JM18 2x
08JW16 2x
10JM16 4*
11JM16 4x
Block 3Sunday
101JW18 4X
102JW18 4-
103JM18 8+
104JW18 1x
105JM18 2-
106JM18 2x
108JM16 2x
110M16 4*
111M16 4x

Regulations block 1 & 3

  1. International crews can compete in all events, except events 07, 09, 107 and 109, due to classification regulations.
  2. Qualifications will be held for categories with 7 or more entries in Block 1, following the starting order of Block 3.
  3. Time-trials will be conducted with 37 or more entries, as the first race of Block 1.
  4. Finals lower next to A- and B-finales will be scheduled as far as possible within the time scheme, except events 08 JM18 1x and 108 JW18 1x.
  5. Coxswains must be a junior. Only coxswains of JW18 and JM18 crews must be weighed between one and two hours before the start in locker room C.
  6. The winner of the A final will be immediately honoured after the race, receiving a medal for each rower and a trophy for the crew.

Block 2 & 4: Broken2k

Junior 12 and Junior 14 rowers will start at the 0m line and race 1000m. After their finish they continue to the 1500m line to start a 500m sprint race. The broken-2km(b2k) is rowed in heats, with 6 crews side-by-side, in 1x, 2x and 4* boats.

Read more about the Broken-2km heats.

Block 2Saturday
55JM14 4*
56Open 12 C4*
57JW12 2x
58JM12 1x
59-61P C2+
Block 4Saturday
67JM14 2x
68JW 1x
69Open12 C4*
70-72P 2x
Block 2Sunday
155JM14 4*
157JM12 2x
158JW12 1x
159Open10 1x
Block 4Sunday
165JW14 2x
166JM14 1x
167JW12 4*
168-170P 1x

Regulations block 2 & 4

  1. International crews can compete in all under-15 events.
  2. Local events 50, 51, 52 53, 54, 60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 150, 151, 152, 153 154, 156, 160, 161, 162, 163 and 164 are restricted to Dutch crews, due to classification regulations.
  3. Para events are open for international crews. Heats will be arranged in consultation with coaches. There are no classification requirements. (dispensation under RvR Article 6).
  4. Coxswains are not required to be weighed and need not be the age of juniors (dispensation under Article 7.5 RvR).
  5. The winner of the heat is determined by adding the times of the 1000-meter and two 500-meter sections. The winner is informed immediately after the race from the finish tower and honoured with a medal for each rower.
  6. The overall fastest crew in the each event is honoured during a trophy ceremony immediately after the block and receives a trophy for the crew.

Block 5: 2000-meter heats

Dutch International Youth Regatta - DIYR

Skiffs and the J16 8+ and M16 8+ compete in heats. If you wish to compete in addition to your races in Blocks 1 and 3, either in sculling or in the M16 or J18 eights, you’ll start your heats in Block 5!

Block 5Saturday
25JW16 8+
26JM16 1x
27JM18 1x
Block 5Sunday
125JM16 8+
126JW16 1x
127JW18 1x

Regulations block 5

  1. International crews can compete in all events.
  2. Coxswains must be junior and don’t need to be weighted.
  3. The winner of the heat is honoured with a medal for each rower.
  4. The overall fastest crew in each event is honoured during a trophy ceremony immediately after the block and receives a trophy for the crew.

Block 6: open heats

Everyone is welcome to participate in the open categories. There are no restrictions on forming crews. Form an eight with your club, row with your siblings, friends, or partners, try your first 2000-meter race, or simply race again with your super-fast crew! Anything is possible!

Block 6Saturday
28Open 2x
29Open 4*
30Open 8+
Block 6Sunday
128Open 2x
129Open 4x
130Open 8+

Regulations block 6

  1. International crews can compete in all events.
  2. Crews are placed based on the provided target time.
  3. Coxswains must be junior and don’t need to be weighted.
  4. The winner of the heat is honoured with a medal for each rower.
  5. The overall fastest crew in each event is honoured during a trophy ceremony immediately after the block and receives a trophy for the crew.

Coastal Clinic

Try coastal in the lunchbreaks! Submit individually, crews will be arranged on site.

Block 6Saturday
Block 6Sunday

How does the coastal clinic works?

  1. You individually sign up for the day that suits you in the OSB coastal field via
  2. All rowers, including foreign rowers, under 23 years old, are welcome to participate.
  3. On, you can see the start time of the coastal clinic.
  4. The DIYR provides coastal boats: singles, doubles, and if possible, a coastal four.
  5. The boat assignments and crews are made on the spot by Coastal Master Lars.
  6. You’ll navigate a course with 2 turning buoys. The motorboats create the waves.

General regulations

The race is held under regulation of the Reglement van Roeiwedstrijden (RVR), which are the national regulations for rowing competitions in the Netherlands

Program of events

  1. In open events without age indications, any rower under 23 years old may participate. There’s no mandatory gender ratio.
  2. It is possible to share boats or start in 2 races if there is minimal 1 block between the two races. We aim to share boats across all 4x and 8+ fields.

Registering and costs

  1. Subscribe your entries (crews) until Tuesday June 1th, 6 pm through the enrolment tool
  2. International crews must submit their rowers’ information (name, surname, gender and date of birth. Only persons, no crews) to the Cutch Rowing Federaiton (KNRB) via by June 20th. Subsequently, they will be granted access to to register their crews.
  3. International registrations are free of costs.
  4. Enrolling, modifying, and withdrawing crews is also done through
  5. Registrations are promptly published on

Further information about registration can be found here.

Draw & Results

  1. The draw will take place on Wednesday, the 3rd of July at 8 pm. The positions in the heats and pre-races will be decided by drawing lots. The draw of the finals will take place after the heats/time trails.
  2. Events with less than 3 participants will be cancelled, in special cases the competition officials can deviate from this rule.
  3. Heats will not get qualifications with 7 or more entries.
  4. The draw and results will be directly published at There you can follow all the results live.


  1. The organisation is excluded from all and every responsibility for any loss, damage, death or injury.
  2. The provisional timetable is not legally binding.
  3. In case of conflicting information, the dispensations on take precedence.
  4. In case of any discrepancies between this English translation and the original Dutch text, the Dutch text prevails.