A new international Junior Regatta

The Dutch International Youth Regatta (DIYR) is providing a competitive event for every junior rower. There are two different distances, broken-2km for junior 12 and junior 14 competitors and 2000m for Junior 16 and junior 18 competitors.

During the DIYR the Dutch rowers can qualify for the Dutch national equipe, the Coupe de la Jeunesse, and the World Rowing Junior Championships, so stiff competition is guaranteed!


  • Provisional timetable of 2024 will be published here soon!


Broken-2km events

Dutch International Youth Regatta - DIYR

International rowers under Junior 12  and Junior 14 can compete in the broken-2km races.

U15JM14JW14born in 2008 or later
U13JM12JW12born in 2010 or later
U11open12born in 2012 or later

Broken-2km heats

Junior 12 and Junior 14 rowers will start at the 0m line and race 1000m. After their finish they continue to the 1500m line to start a 500m sprint race. The broken-2km(b2k) is rowed in heats, with 6 crews side-by-side, in 1x, 2x and 4* boats.

Medals are there for the first crew to finish in every race and for the fastest crew of the day.

Read more about the Broken-2km heats.

2000-meter events

Dutch International Youth Regatta - DIYR

International junior 16 and junior 18 rowers compete over 2000 meter.

U19JM18JW18born in 2004 or later
U17JM16JW16born in 2006 or later

2000-meter races

Should the amount of entries require so (i.e. exceed 6 crews) qualifications will determine who will qualify for the finals.

If the amount of entries exceed 18 the heats are replaced by a time trail for that particular event.

Besides A-finals we will schedule as many B-finals as possible within the time schedule.

Skiffs will be raced in heats.

Program of international events

Saturday 9th July 2022

1JM18 1xheats
3JM18 4-Q-F
4JM18 4xQ-F
5JM16 1xheats
7JM16 4xQ-F
8JW18 1xheats
9JW18 2-Q-F
10JW18 2xQ-F
11JW18 8+Q-F
12JW16 1xheats
13JW16 2xQ-F
15JW16 8+heats
55JM14 1xB2k
56JM14 4x+B2k
57JM12 1xB2k
62JW14 2xB2k
64JW12 2xB2k

Sunday 10th July 2022

101JM18 1xheats
102JM18 2-Q-F
103JM18 2xQ-F
104JM18 8+heats
105JM16 1xheats
106JM16 2xQ-F
108JM16 8+Q-F
109JW18 1xheats
111JW18 4-Q-F
112JW18 4xQ-F
113JW16 1xheats
115JW16 4xQ-F
155JM14 2xB2k
157JM12 2xB2k
162JW14 1xB2k
163JW14 4x+B2k
164JW12 1xB2k
165open12 4x+B2k
100club 8+B2k

Local events

The DIYR program includes events who are only open for Dutch competitors:

  • Events 2, 6, 14, 107, 110 and 114 over 2km.
  • All U23, U18, U16 and C4x+ broken2k only open for dutch crews.

Registering and costs

  • Sent a list of all your competing rowers (name, surname, gender and date of birth. Only persons, no crews) to before 19 June 2022.
  • The Dutch Rowing Federation (KNRB) will subscribe your rowers to our national enrollment tool and sent you an e-mail with the login details.
  • Subscribe your entries (crews) until Tuesday June 1th, 6 pm through the enrollment tool
  • Go to to see all the registrants.
  • International registrations are free of costs.

Coxswain’s information

Broken-2km races

There are neither weight nor age limits for coxswains in the Broken2km races (exemption on article 7.5 RvR).

2000-meter races

Coxswains of JW18 and JM18 crews must be weighted between one and two hours before start in locker room C.

Coxswains of JW16 and JM16 crews don’t have to be weighted.


The positions in the heats and pre-races will be decided by drawing lots. The draw will take place on Wednesday, the 5th of July at 8 pm. The draw of the finals will take place after the heats/time trails.

The result of the draw will be published at

Results and trophies

All results will be directly published at There you can follow all the races live.

The DIRY will issue the following awards:

Broken-2km events

Every heat winner gets a medal.
The fastest over all the heats within a field gets a cup. This cup will be given in the cup ceremonies after a broken2k block at medal plaza:

2000-meter events

The winner of every A-final will be honored.

Every winner of the other finals will receve a metal direct after the race.

Rules and regulations

The race is held under the regulations of Reglement van Roeiwedstrijden (RVR). Because of the special character of this race, the following exemptions are applicable:

  • Fields with less than 4 participants will be cancelled, in special cases the competition officials can deviate from this rule.
  • There are no age or weight limits for the broken-2km races Coxswain’s.
  • As far as possible within the time scheme next to the A-finals there will also be B-finals and higher finals.
  • Race 15 JW16 8+ and 108 JM16 8+ are rowed in heats, just like the skiff races. These heats will be drawn by lot.
  • The broken-2km events 51-54, 58-61, 63, 66, 67, 151-154, 158-161, 156, and 165-167 are only for Dutch crews.


The organisation is excluded from all and every responsibility for any loss, damage, death or injury.

In case of any discrepancies between this English translation and the original Dutch text, the Dutch text prevails.