How to add, change or withdraw enrollment?

In the run-up to a race anything can happen: fields are suddenly much fuller than you thought so you have to sail a pre-race, rowers get sick or other reasons that require you to change entries for the DIYR.

We also use the program of the KNRB for adding, changing and withdrawing entries. A small tutorial can be found at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to get access on time and during the DIYR

Entries with existing username and password

If your club have participated in last year’s event, you should have received a username and password on behalf of your rowing club. You can re-use these credentials for this year’s event and sign up at A small tutorial can be found at the bottom of this page.

If you have lost your credentials, please send an email to the KNRB (

New entries

If your association has not participated in the diyr before, you must request a login from the Dutch Rowing Federation KNRB. Please send an email (at least one week before closing date of entries) to and include the following information:

  • The full name of your rowing club
  • Address
  • City
  • Country
  • Contact name
  • Contact mail address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Small description of blade, shirt and trousers

The KNRB will send you a login code for

Entries for Dutch – Foraign Combinated crews

To enter combination crews (Dutch –  foreign / foreign – foreign) please turn to the KNRB (Martijn van Rossum) with following information:

  • Fieldnumber (for example 235 DMF4* Dames masters f dubbelvier-met)
  • Club name
  • Names of rowers/coxes plus seating
  • Birthdates rowers/coxes (not only birthyears)

Please send an email (at least one week before closing date of entries) to the KNRB (

Have access during the DIYR weekend.

It is smart that one of the coaches on who attends the DIYR has access or that someone is on standby at home to communicate changes and withdrawals during the DIYR weekend.

How to submit entries

The registration module can be found in under rowing events under the overview tab. You can quickly find the DIYR by searching on Dutch International Youth Regatta.


Subscribe by looking for the appropriate field under “uitgeschreven nummers” tab (top left). Behind each field you will find a button to register directly.

Change or withdraw

Changing or withdrawing registrations is done via my registrations (top right). You click on the corresponding participant after which you can change or withdraw.

After closing the registration, tournament management will receive notification of changes that they can approve or reject. The club’s team manager will receive an e-mail.


If you want to add a team the following rules apply:

Until Tuesday, July 5, you can register teams without restrictions.

After Tuesday, July 5, you can add teams as long as there are still lanes free in the heats of that field. We can no longer add extra heats, preliminary races or finals.

After the draw on Thursday, July 7, you can only register with written permission from all other participants. This is because the field must then be drawn again.

Changing teams

Changing a team, or the line-up can be done up to 2 hours before the race. Officially, the rule is that you can replace a maximum of half of your team with other rowers.

Should you have to change your registration because you did not have a W license for some rowers, we are lenient on the above rules. Please indicate this in the remarks.


If you need to withdraw a team you will find a button for that in the registration program. Therefore, always provide a reason because in some cases, such as illness, you do not have to pay a penalty.

Should you not be able to pass on your addition, withdrawal or change via Then you can always contact our secretariat at or drop by the secretariat in the finish tower.