A festival and rowing regatta in one

Medal plaza

Dutch International Youth Regatta

The DIYR knows a lot of winners. All the winners will be awarded at the podium of medal plaza. Multiple VIR’s (“Very important rowers”) will award the medals. The middle part of the stand is the best place; you can listen to the commentary, watch every finish of the race and are first in line for the medal ceremony.

Dutch International Youth Regatta - DIYR

foto: Paul de Neef

Cup ceremonies

Every winner will be awarded a medal. Look at the competition page to see when you will be awarded a cup!

Food plaza

Dutch International Youth Regatta

Whenever you are a rower, coach, fan or parents, you will get hungry and thirsty of all the races. At Food plaza we have a diverse offer of healthy and delicious food and hydrating drinks. On the front part of the grandstand is enough space to eat and drink.


For the coaches and parents there is mobile coffee bar, from 7:30AM. They also have delicous cake.

Sport plaza

Dutch International Youth Regatta

Warming-up on the erg, cooling down on the bike or challenging your opponent for a sprint on the erg. It is al possible at sport plaza, the tent of our sponsor Concept 2.

Shopping plaza

De Dutch International Youth Regatta

The rowing course is a catwalk, or rather a catrow. You can shop here your new rowing outfit. Also you can get help or new equipment when your boat is broken.


The secretary is at the finishtower. Here you can ask questions, make an objection, hire bikes or collect back nummers.

Dressing rooms, toilets, tapwater and cox weighinh

Dressing rooms

The dressing rooms are underground, at least it seems this way. The dressing rooms are across the pontoons on both sides with the signs A, B, E and F.


Toilets are in the dressing rooms. Near Medal Plaza toilets ar available at the back of the building.


You can fill your water bottle at the dressing rooms, at Okeanos of the big Join the pipe tapwater point. Join the pipe is at the flags of the KNRB.

Cox weighing

Dressing room C is the cox weighing. When you are coxing a JM18 or JW18 crew in block 1 & 3, you should weigh in between 2 and 1 hours before the start of the race.

Coaching path

Cycling along the rowing course is at the coaching path. This path is at the other side than the grandstand. Are you not able to cycle along? No problem! We will provide a live stream and stream it from the first to the last race of the day..

Bike rent

The DIYR is renting a couple of bikes from the secretary. You can also rent bikes at the Boshalte. You can find the Boshalte at the entrance road, next to the tram rails.

Bike storage

At the entrance of sport plaza is enough space to store you bike.