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The DIYR, a brand-new initiative!

The Dutch International Youth Regatta (DIYR) is an initiative that originates from various rowing clubs with a large junior department from all over the Netherlands.

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Questions and communicationAnke-Hilse
Competition leadersNorbert
Head JuryIrene Arendzen-van
Track commissionRies 
International crewsGayling
General Affairs & R-TON FoundationMatthijs Jasperse & Willem 
Treasurer and SponsoringKoos van

About DIYR and the RTON Foundation

The Dutch International Youth Regatta is organized to give all Dutch junior rowers a chance to experience their favorite sport together. Until now there was no specific junior race event in the Netherlands, therefore the DIYR was planned according to well-known foreign examples: Munich, Bremen and of course Ghent. The purpose of the DIYR is to create an opportunity for all rowers under the age of 19, from the Netherlands and neighboring countries, to row, and to both have fun and also to enjoy stiff competitions at their own level.

The DIYR is organized by Stichting Roeitalentontwikkeling Nederland (RTON). This foundation was founded in October 2019 on behalf of various Dutch rowing clubs with a large junior department: the Amstel, Die Leythe, the Maas, MWC, Ric, the Spaarne, Viking and Willem III.

Full name:Stichting Roei-TalentOntwikkeling Nederland
Mailing address:Hartenruststraat 6, 3036 KX Rotterdam
KvK number: 76106845
Chairman:Matthijs Jasperse
Treasurer:Koos van Haasteren
Internal Affairs:Willem Stohr
General board member:Dorine Habets