Program 2024

For 2024, the DIYR presents a revamped program! After three years, we’ve gained significant experience in what works well, as well as areas for improvement. Additionally, the DIYR program is becoming increasingly packed, prompting the need for a smarter and more efficient schedule. As we worked on this new program, we came up with something new: the open heats.

De DIYR offers the following events:

  • 2000-meter side-by-side racing for U19 rowers.
  • Broken2k (1000 meter + 500 meter) for U15 and para rowers.
  • Open heats: There are no restrictions on forming crews. Anything is possible!
  • Coastal Clinics during the lunchbreaks.

Read more about what kind of rowing events the DIYR offers at the competition page.


To grand acces to the enrolment tool, International crews must submit their rowers’ information (name, surname, gender and date of birth. Only persons, no crews) to the Cutch Rowing Federaiton (KNRB) via by June 20th. Subsequently, they will be granted access to to register their crews.

Subscribe your entries (crews) until Tuesday June 1th, 6 pm through the enrolment tool

Boat lending

For foreign rowing clubs it can be difficult to bring their own boats. If you want to lend a boat for the DIYR weekend, contact

Blok 12000-meterVoorwedstrijden
Blok 2Broken2kHeats
Blok 32000-meterFinales
Blok 4Broken2kHeats
Blok 52000-meterHeats
Blok 62000-meterOpen heats