Plan, Traffic Rules, Weather and Fairness

Traffic rules


Weather conditions will lead to cancellation of races.

Races will be rowed in lane 1 till 6.

Use lane 0 to row to the start. Lane 0 is the lane nearest to the finish line tower. It is not allowed to row in this lane when racing crews are at 250 meter or closer.

Warming-up is allowed between the 250 and 1250-meter points in lanes 3 and 4. Rowing in lanes 1 and 5 to 8 is not allowed, these lanes may only be crossed at right angles.

Lining-up for the start will be done 5 minutes in advance, between the 0 and 250-meter marks. The start marshal (starter) will call you to go to the correct starting lane.

Cooling-down can be done in lanes 6 and 7 between the finish and the 1500-meter mark. At the 1500-meter point the other lanes should be crossed at right angles.

Broken 2-kilometer will use the same traffic rules. After the finish of the 1000m race rowers continue in their on lane to the 1500m. At the 1500m rowers will await the instruction of the umpire for the start of the 500m race.

Violation of these rules can be punished.


What to do in certain weather conditions?


There are no particularities.


Weather issues may arise. The weather situation is closely monitored. Measures can follow, keep an eye on the website and social-media channels.


There are weather issues that directly influence the schedule and / or progress of the competition, check the website or our social-media channels for more information.


Weather conditions will lead to cancellation of races.

Fairness principle

For every competition, it is paramount that everything is fair and safe. That is why the concept of “Fairness” was created with rowing and the associated “Fairness Protocol”. In this Fairness protocol is described what to do if the weather gets worse, when there are (too) few registrations or when the weather makes competitions unfair because the weather conditions differ too much per lane.

The general rules for safety and fairness can be found in the Rules for Rowing competitions. The Fairness protocol that we prepare for the DIYR is a supplement to that and contains its practical details in accordance with article 33.9 of the RvR.

The Fairness protocol for the DIYR will be published on this page in the run-up to the competition.


Training is not permitted during the competitions, from 30 minutes before the start of the first race, until after the finish of the last race. It is also not allowed to train during the breaks or to row the boat to the Nieuwe Meer.