Help us at the DIYR and become a volunteer!

The DIYR relies heavily on volunteers to operate. Whether you’re here to row or cheer, consider lending a few hours of your time! The DIYR organization is still in need of many volunteers for various roles.

At the DIYR there is place for everyone! Parents, siblings, friends or others, together we will make it a success. During the preparation as well the weekens itself, we like to work with a big bunch bunch of people, from every corner of the country of abroad. Are or do you know someone who can contribute to a succesfull edition of the DIYR? Sign up now! Everyone one is welcome, as well if you do not row! 

If you find yourself with a few spare hours over the weekend, feel free to drop by the finish tower to lend a hand!

You can help with:

Start pontons

You will ly on the starting pontoons, gripping the boats preparing to commence. Through a headset, instructions dictate whether to push the boat forwards or backwards, ensuring perfect alignment. Additionally, someone adjusts the pontoons as a skiff is shorter than an eight


In the cottages near the 250-meter marks and at the finish line, you time the boats’ intermediate times. This timing is done with “strokes,” which you relay to the race officials. For this duty, you’ll require mobile internet access.


You will make everyone’s day by delivering food and drinks to all posts where organization volunteers are stationed throughout the day. The food and drinks are provided by our festival caterer.

Regatta office

At the regatta office, located on the ground floor of the finish tower, all inquiries converge. As a volunteer, you redirect these inquiries to the individuals who can provide the answers.

Flex team

During a competition, unexpected events often occur. As a flying keeper, you rush to assist wherever needed.